Flat willow


We love to use flat willow in our bouquets. Salix udensis “sekka” is desirable because of its fasciation which is a deformity caused by a hormone inbalance it can also be caused by insect damage. However its quite stable in this particular willow so many branches have this feature it also produces normal stems but these are not as attractive

I guess you could say its a bit of a frankensteins monster but we love it!


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New season scented candles


Just a little background info on some of our candle ingredients;

The everlasting flower Helichrysum angustifolium. Related to the helichrysums that
flower arrangers love to use. You’ve probably seen them covered in dust in arrangements
the scent is supposed to resemble burnt sugar and ham! Hopefully not reformed ham.

The sandalwood tree is semi parasitic so basicaly it sucks half the life out of its
host but keeps it alive so it can carry on living. The oil from it currently fetches
2000 dollars per kg.

The cedarwood tree is of Taiwanese origin but in China its been over harvested (shock horror), it has very fragrant decay resistant wood most often seen in the shed section in your diy superstore.

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Faded blooms


Just love these parchment coloured roses and tulips. Shame we had no vellum in stock to wrap them in.

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Wooden mushrooms are back again


These handsome wooden fungi are now back in stock again and available to buy online

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Nice colours today….


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Spring is in the air…..

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Big Pots

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All arti.

Beautifull quality artichokes in this week. Big globes suffused with purple teamed up with the mettalic viburnum berries…and for the budding Nigellas amongst you they are very good with butter!!

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Hey Mici your so fine…..

Check out this amazing trio. We were very lucky to get Paphiopedilum Micranthum. Only discovered relatively recently in 1951 by Tang and Wang. This took the orchid world by storm and still get’s orchid fanciers blood flowing with its plump pouches!! They didn’t stay on the shelf for long……

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