Mysterious aroids

I hope you like my arrangement this week it comprises just 2 amazing plant materials..first up Japanese knotweed yes the invasive scurge of the countryside thats trying to take over the world. First brought to Europe as an ornamental with its amazing bamboo mottled stems. Let this be a warning if your smuggling plants back in your Louis Vuitton luggage and let them loose in your garden!! Secondly cut Anthurium clarinervum flowers with there sinister black tongues.This is a very easy plant to grow as i can vouch for having one at home for years. The foliage is amazing, it is a high altitude plant from Chiapas Mexico so can stand the sub zero temps my house plummets to in the winter..

A mini circlet of black viola molly sanderson flowers. I think these would make the most amazing winter wedding flowers..shown here on my vintage Vervet monkey skull for the full on sinister affect we love so much. Note to self must try and do more pink pretty things….. perhaps!

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