Woolerton Old Hall Part 1























After a recent visit to Woolerton Old Hall in Shropshire i decieded to share the  pictures that i took. It is only a relatively small garden but full of wonderful rooms that have been created with clever use of hedging and walls that make you feel like you are in an enclosed space but then suddenly just around the corner there are these amazing vistas that lead your eye into the distance. Well worth a visit!! Part 2 coming soon….


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We just love foxgloves in the Potting Shed. Its strange how something so beautiful is so poisonous, (this happens alot in life!) saying that they also save thousands of lives with there heart stimulant properties (digitalin) these particular ones are a lovely shade of apricot. Foxgloves are a promiscuos lot in the garden so you could end up with all colours but they are all nice. Incidently i have never seen a fox wearing them as gloves, maybe its the time of year they flower…. a bit warm for gloves.

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Where’s my flake..

It seems the whole country is melting in this heat….. its been a long time coming so what better way to celebrate than talk about ice cream. Sadly this vintage wooden version is unedible. Papier mache was applied to the outside then painted when dry. Personally i can’t see the point in paper ice cream, anyway whats your favourite?? Keith’s is pistachio, Min likes a vanilla, Heidi likes Ben and Jerrys peanut butter, mine is rum and raisin!

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The Little Potting Shed


The Little Potting Shed opened April 2013

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Tacca time…

Todays incredible blooms look more Boris Karloff than flower shop, the bat flower or Tacca chantrieri is from the warm humid forrests of asia. Each jet black flower is surounded by a black bract and thats not all each flower has a long black filament which must be an aid for pollination. Beautifull and bizzare and now available in the shop.

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A Summer Wedding































The bridal flowers included old fashioned garden roses, peonies, herbs, sweet peas and jasmine and were so beautiful. The table flowers were a lovely mix of peonies, roses, hydrangeas, herbs, jasmine all arranged in different styles of glass container there were even some blackberries in there to. The larger arrangements a mix of cut and planted material was used including birch, hydrangeas, ivy, delphiniums and stocks.

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When The Queen Came to Visit

We hope everybody has a fantastic Jubilee weekend!!

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A Recent Wedding































The wedding was based on a woodland theme and all sorts of interesting material was used to achieve the final effect, from logs, tree stumps, woodland flowers, plants, mosses and greenery.

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5 a day..

Only a week before mothers day so before the sea of pastels i thought i would treat myself and our customers to some greens. Its very important to get your 5 a day (inbetween cake) so here we have green hydrangeas, green sweet williams, green viburnum, green lotus and green muehlenbeckia. You might be forgiven for thinking an all green bouquet would be dull ….but with all those textures you dont need any other colour.


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A World Exclusive……..

Haws indoor watering can. A one litre watering can in galvanised metal with an all brass rose. It is made in Smethwick, West Midlands, England

This is a beautiful little watering can. It is usually only available in various powder coated finishes from Haws but they have kindly made a very limited quantity in galvanised metal for us here at The Potting Shed.

This is a world wide exclusive!! Available in the shop or online

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